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Digital Biology

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ホーム > インフォメーション > NewRelease > 【ウェビナー情報】2020/5/12-14 Dovetail Virtual Workshop



【ウェビナー情報】2020/5/12-14 Dovetail Virtual Workshop

Dovetail Genomics社のバーチャルワークショップが開催されます

Day 1 ; 2020/5/12 日本時間:22時~
Day 2 ; 2020/5/13 日本時間:22時~
Day 3 ; 2020/5/14 日本時間:22時~


Dovetail Genomics is inviting you to a virtual Seminar from Tue 12th May - Thu 14th May, covering proximity ligation in transcriptional regulation, genome assembly, phasing and 3-D chromatin structure.

Registration on our Slack channel is already open if you have any questions or would like to access our resources like Tech Sheets, protocols and datasets.
The links to the live presentations on Zoom will be posted in the Slack Channel
Slides and a recording of the presentations will also be made accessible.  
The virtual seminar will stretch over three days and will take about an hour each day:

Day 1: 12th May (Tuesday) 22.00 Tokyo: 
Seminar covering Chromatin structure, Transcriptional Regulation, Genome Assembly and Epigenetics using Omni-C, Dovetail™ Micro-C and Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase (Cory Padilla & Kai Kleiber)
Location: Zoom link will be posted in the event Slack Channel


Day 2: 13th May (Wednesday) 22.00 Tokyo: 
Bioinformatics 101 for proximity-ligation datasets: Which open source tools are available and how to use them (Jay Ghurye, the author of Salsa2)
Location: Zoom link will be posted in the event Slack Channel


Day 3: 14th May (Thursday) 22.00 Tokyo: 
Protocol Workflow: How to implement Omni-C, Micro-C, HiChIP and Capture-C in your lab. Frequently asked questions, like Input material and amount, Capture-C and tweaks to the protocol will be addressed (Myriam Elkhawand)
Location: Zoom link will be posted in the event Slack Channel


Day 1: Dovetail Seminar
Time: Tuesday, 12th May @ 22.00 Tokyo
Location: Zoom link will be posted in Slack

Part 1:  Proximity Ligation in Transcriptional Control, Chromatin Confirmation and Epigenetics Hierarchical three-dimensional (3D) topology, referred to as genome conformation or higher-order epigenetic features, heavily influences chromosomal structure and function. These 3D features can influence gene regulation by controlling the physical interactions between regulatory elements with their target genes. Chromatin conformation capture (3C) technologies are key tools in assessing higher-order epigenetic features. Here we introduce three new ways of investigating conformation through 3C technology:1) Omni-C - provides uniform genomic coverage that expands the utility of a Hi-C library to include WGS applications2) Dovetail Micro-C - generates a mononucleosome resolution of chromatin conformation3) Dovetail HiChIP - combines the targeted approach of ChIP-seq with Hi-C to describe protein-mediated chromatin interactions

Part 2: Omni-C: Restriction-enzyme free Hi-C in Genome Assembly
Restriction Enzyme (RE)-based Hi-C is blind to approximately 20% of mappable genomes due to low RE site density. Here we introduce Omni-C™ technology, a sequence-independent endonuclease-based proximity-ligation assay which addresses the limitations of RE-based Hi-C approaches.
This Seminar will highlight that Omni-C™ libraries uniquely contain proximity-ligation characteristics with the advantage of uniform genome-wide coverage. This expanded data type enables not only improved Genome Assemblies, but also applications relying on coverage uniformity, such as Structural Variation detection, SNP calling and phasing

Day 2: Dovetail Bioinformatics 101
Time: Wednesday, 13th May @ 22.00 Tokyo
Location: Zoom link will be posted in Slack

Jay Ghurye will address common open source tools to use with Omni-C data and proximity ligated datasets in general:

- Visualizing Hi-C data
- Loop Calling
- Phasing
- Genome Assembly
- Compartment/TAD calling
- Structural Variation
- Genotyping
- HiChIP and Capture-C

Day 3: Protocol Walkthrough
Time: Thursday, 14th May  @ 22.00 Tokyo
Location: Zoom link will be posted in Slack

- How to implement the 2-day Omni-C, Micro-C and HiChIP protocol in your lab
- What kind of input material can be used
- Low-input protocolUsing Capture-C with the Omni-C kit
- QCing proximity-ligated libraries
- Storage of material and safe stops in the protocol