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TOMY at BCEIA2011, Beijing




PA130796.JPGThe 14th BCEIA (BCEIA2011) has been held on October 12-15, 2011 at the Beijing Exhibition Center in Beijing, the capital of China.

The Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis(BCEIA). sponsored by the China Association for Instrumental Analysis. has been a biennial professional international event in this field in China.

TOMY displayed Autoclave, SX-500, High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuges, MX-305, Mini Personal Centrifuges, microONE, Beads Cell Disruper, MS-100, and Sterilizing Container for Wastes, ST-ZERO to over 10 thousand visitors from different regions of China and other countries.

Through 3 days exhibition, TOMY brand and its product technologies were well presented to customers as well as the region dealers and responses.


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