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AX-5 SERIES were Released.

We are pleased to inform that there were three new members joined into TOMY Family as follows.


Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Model name: AX-521, AX-511, AX-501

Release date: MAY, 2014


      1. AX-521/511/501 will be in TOMY line-up instead of AX-321/311.

      2. They has all function of AX-321/311, moreover provide ECO mode.

      3. All rotors of AX-321/311, rack-in-rotor and fixed angle rotors, are available. 




<Check it out!! Click me or the image for detail>



  AX-521                                 AX-511                                     AX-501    


or you can check the PDF AX-521/511/501



New AX-5 models are....

Flexible & high performace

  • Spinning maximum 10,000rpm (Angel rotors only)
  • From micro tubes to 250ml bottles
  • One-push rotor locking knob
  • Flex-Spin drive system for safer and more efficient operation
  • Three-step acceleration and three-step and natural deceleration
  • Compact design for minimum space requirement
  • Easy to see and operate control panel




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