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Notice of Discontinued Product DAB-240

We always appreciate using TOMY products.

TOMY has been released innovative and convenient products for customer in many countries.

And to the contrary, some products may end their roll and they must be retired.

Please be informed following product in TOMY will be discontinued in near future.



Sterilizing Bag

Model name: DAB-240 (Allowable temperature Max 121 degree C)


Remark: DAB-240 which is appropriate for autoclave ES-215



We have DAB-40M for the replacement model.


Remark: DAB-40M (Allowable temperature Max 132 degree C)

         Size (mm) 405W x 660H, 100pcs/Package




If you have question, please contact for our staff.



141003rv Notice of discontinued product DAB-240.pdf


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