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Plant Growth Chamber CLE-405/305
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TOMY Plant Growth Chamber CLE-405 with 400L capacity and CLE-305 with 300L capacity provide more space inside the chamber. The maximum light intensity of 15000 ℓx guarantees sufficient illumination for germination, acclimation and growth in the seed of plants such as Arabidopsis. It outperforms its class with multiple useful functions including inverter controlled illumination system that ensures the accurate adjustment of light intensity. CLE-405/305 are a much awaited unit that combines excellent performance and easy operation with a reasonable price.

1. One-touch Operation Mode Changeover

Day and night 2-step operation modes (DAY/NIGHT) and constant operation mode without step (CONSTANT) can be easily selected with a one-touch changeover key. Easy-to-see and user-friendly control panel supports a reliable and efficient operation.

2. Built-in Clock Controlled Operation Setting

Built-in clock function provides constant time control, which allows operation time to be set by simply selecting the changeover time of day and night cycle operations. It is as easy as setting up an alarm clock and no troublesome program input is required.

3. Three-Mode Airflow Speed Control, Optimum for Plant Growth

The speed level of the fan which circulates air in the plant growth chamber can be selected from three modes; NORMAL, SOFT, and AUTO. NORMAL mode ensures even distribution of temperature inside the chamber. SOFT mode controls the wind speed of the fan to minimize such stress on plants as dryness of the air and shaking of the leaves. In AUTO mode the wind speed is changed automatically according to changes in temperature inside the chamber.

High Quality Illumination System

Inverter Lighting Assuring Uniform Irradiation

Lighting control system using an inverter equalizes the illumination intensity of each fluorescent light, which allows for a uniform omni-directional light irradiation.

Fine Adjustment in Light Intensity

CLE-405/305 are equipped with eight basic levels of illumination adjustment ranged from 0 to 7. For fine adjustment, the light intensity can be changed in a range between 350 and 3500ℓx <450 and 4000ℓx> in 120 steps at the light level 1 (with two lights on), and changed in a range between 1700 and 15000ℓx <2100 and 15000ℓx > in 107 <95> steps at the light levels between 2 and 7 (with ten lights on). The adjustment of light intensity in a range between 1700 and 3500ℓx <2100 and 4000ℓx> can be done with either two lights on or ten lights on.
< >: Spec for CLE-305

Other Features

User-friendly Design for Easy Maintenance

CLE-405/305 incorporate a new user-friendly design feature that allows easy replacement of fluorescent lights. The bottom plate of the plant growth chamber, which is likely to become stained, can also be removed for cleaning.

Low-noise Operation, Not exceeding 50dB

Low-noise operation with actually measured noise levels of 50 dB or lower can be achieved through improved measures against the noise of the unit including a refrigerator (for 50Hz operation).

New Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

With environmental concerns, a new ozone-friendly refrigerant HFC-134a is used as a substitute for CFCs.

External Connection Port

Devices used inside the chamber can be connected to an outside power source, sensor or pipe through a hole provided in a sidewall near the bottom of the chamber.

Overheating Protection Air Duct Structure

Air duct structure is designed to supply fresh air outside into the chamber to avoid excessive heat buildup due to overheating of the fluorescent light. It allows for the improvement of light intensity.

Slim Flat Design with No Protrusions

A flat exterior design with virtually no protruding portions prevents damages during transport or in use.

Optional Accessory

CLE-405/305 Optional AccessoryFixing brackets are available to secure the unit to the floor to prevent unexpected overturning.

Humidifier for Plant Growth Camber HP-100Humidifier for Plant Growth Camber HP-100
HP-100 is optimum for dry measures of soils and mediums if strict moisture control is not necessary.

Temperature Characteristics

CLE-405/305 Temperature Characteristics
  • Values shown in the above temperature characteristics graph are for reference only, and cannot be guaranteed in operation.
  • The actual time to raise or lower the temperature may vary slightly. (Values in the above graph are obtained in "NORMAL" wind speed level mode.)
  • The temperature control performance of this unit is affected by the ambient temperature or the light intensity.


Model CLE-405 CLE-305
Basic Specifications Full covered
Temperature, Light
Capacity 400ℓ 300ℓ
Dimensions of chamber W675×D515×H1,150mm W505×D515×H1,150mm
Dimensions of main unit W920×D790×H1,800mm W750×D790×H1,800mm
Max. intensity / Light control 15,000ℓx / Inverter controlled lighting system
Illumination intensity level 0~7(in 8 steps), allowing fine adjustment
Temperature control system Two-position control
Air circulation Verticsl sirflow type fan
Operating temperature range Light intensity 0→+5~40℃ /
Light intensity 7→+10~40℃
Temperature variation *1 ±2.0℃
Temperature gradient *1 3.5℃
Spatial temperature deviation *1 3.5℃
Operating program Day/night switch-over operation, constant operation
Clock Setting range (time/switch-over time)
Heating Hot gas and heaters (400W)
Light source 40W cool white fluorescent lamp × 10pcs
Safety devices Alert indication, Leakage breaker
Power requirement AC120V 50/60Hz 1P 15A
AC220/230/240V 50/60Hz 1P 10A
Weight 120V:264kg /
120V:224kg /
Power Consumption (Calorific Value) 1,250W (1,075kcal/h) 1,150W (989kcal/h)
Accessories ・Operator's manual 1, ・Warranty card 1, ・Drain vat 1,
・Shelf board 3, ・Shelf bracket 12, ・Rear bracket 2,
・Rear bracket mounting bolt 4,
・Attachment screw for the clear storage case,
・Clear storage case for the operator's manual 1,

*1 JTM07:2007 (JTM standards for temperature test chambers - Methods of testing and indicating performance)

* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

* Values illustrated in the graph are obtained at ambient temperature of +23°C.
* The operating temperature range and temperature control accuracy may vary in all models according to environmental conditions such as ambient temperature. For further details please contact us.
* At ambient temperatures exceeding +35°C, this unit cannot function normally. For further details please contact us.
* Price, specifications and product appearance design are subject to change without prior notice due to continual improvements. Confirm the most recent information at time of order.

Humidifier capability 68mℓ/h
Capacity of water supply 10ℓ
Safety Devices Gradient detecter, Over-heat detecter, Water level detecter
Indicator Opearation indicator (HIGH/LOW) ,Humidity indicator ,Alarm indicator
Dimensions Main unit 267W×167D×99Hmm
Water supply 320W×142D×332Hmm
Weight of main unit 4.5kg
Power required
(External transformer used)
AC120V 50/60Hz 1A
AC220/230/240V 50/60Hz 0.5A
Power Consumption (Calorific Value) 100W (86kcal/h)

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