All in one unit from micro tube rotors to multi-place swing rotors.
CAX-571, a high-performance refrigerated centrifuge that combines functions of high speed micro centrifuge and versatile low speed centrifuge into one compact model, meets a wide range of applications.

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ECO mode to realize an up to approximately 24% duling the wating time.

[ECO] modo Electric power saving

Activating the power-saving [ECO] mode can also help reduce the power consumption during the waiting time (standby cooling) by allowing the temperature control bands to be changed.The chamber can cool down to the set temperature within approximately 3 minutes (*2) after release from ECO mode.

*2 Under the conditions: set temperature of 4℃ at an ambient temperature of 25℃.


Power consumption at ECO mode

  • Measurement conditions: Set to 4℃ at an ambient temperature of 25℃ while centrifugation is stopped.
    (Rotors in use: CAX-571: TS-7C+7215-06)
  • The values shown above are average values obtained by measuring the units.


Three-step acceleration and three-step and natural deceleration

Initial values for acceleration and deceleration characteristics are set from 0 to 500rpm, however, they can be varied up to maximum speed in 100rpm increments by function settings.

From micro tubes to 250ml bottles

CAX-571, with the ability to accommodate micro tubes to 250ml bottles or deep well plates, is ideal for wide range of applications. Using an optional bucket cap kit B433HS*, various types of rotors including swinging bucket rotors of biohazard-proof can be mounted.

Convenient flashing function

Convenient flashing function allows operation with preset centrifuging conditions.

*Bucket cap kit B433 is an optional kit.
HS This highly sealed rotor, which has been tested and certified by the Health Protection Agency (HPA, UK) to be compliant with the International Standard (Annex AA of the IEC 61010-2-020), meets requirements for biohazard safety. [Bucket cap kit B433] is an optional kit.

Compact Design

Compact design for minimum space requirement

コンパクト設計With its compact design of 462mm width and 542mm depth it is ideally suited to applications where space is limited.

Easy to see and operate control panel

Easy-to-see LCD monitor display shows various information including remaining run time, error messages, rotor types in use and records of centrifugal operation. The monitor can display in English or Japanese.

*Indication displays on the control panel in the photo is different from displays of actual operation.

Dual color LED display allows the user to monitor the operation status just by looking the display; red indicates that the rotor is spinning while green indicates the rotor is stopped.

Popular user-friendly Jog Dial equipped with an <ENTER> button on top enables setting to be changed quickly and more surely.

Safety & Convenience

Flex-Spin system for safer and more efficient operation

Innovative Flex-Spin system employed to maintain safe and efficient centrifugal operation allows a margin of error and eye-balancing of sample tubes.
*Some rotors are excepted.

  • CAX-571 is equipped with a function to automatically reduce the rotation speed and shut the system down if it is being run over the imbalance tolerance limit.
  • Non-chlorine, ozone-friendly refrigeration medium which has zero ozone layer destruction coefficients is adopted.

One-push rotor locking knob

With a single knob push, the rotor can be quickly and securely fixed.
*Some rotors are excepted.

Flex-Spin Drive [Sample Movie]

The Flex-Spin Drive features a flexible motor shaft that equalizes minor imbalances without damaging the centrifuge or triggering the imbalance protection system. This allows excellent tolerance for minor differences in sample volumes.


Model CAX-571
Maximum Speed 15,000rpm
Maximum RCF 21,130G
Maximum Capacity 1,000ml (250ml x 4)
Control System Microprocessor control (feedback system)
Drive Motor Induction motor
Drive System Flex-Spin drive system (Direct drive with an automatic alignment function)
Data Entry Jog Dial
Temperature Setting Range From -9℃ to +35℃ (1℃ increments)
Speed Setting Range 100 to 15,000rpm (100rpm increments)
RCF Setting Range 10 to 21,130G
(10G increments for the range less than 300G,100G increments for the range over 300G)
Time Setting Range From 10 sec to 50 sec, in 10 sec increments, from 1 min to 99 min, in 1 min increment or <F--> for free
Safety Devices • Imbalance detector, • Lid interlock, • Lid open/close detector,
• Abnormal speed detector, • Over-current circuit breaker,
• Rotor identification system, • Motor over-current detector,
• Abnormally high or low chamber temperature detector.
Additional Functions • Three-step acceleration characteristics selection, • Three memory function,
• Three-step deceleration characteristics selection,
• FLASH (momentary spin) function,
• BART Code selection, • Power saving (ECO) mode.
• Memory function for last run parameters.
Refrigerant HFC R404A (250g)
Rated Voltage AC220/230/240V
Rated Current 220/230/240V : 6.5A
Power Requirements Single phase 50/60Hz, AC220/230/240V 8A
Power Consumption(Heat output) 990W (851kcal/h)
Breaker Rated breaking current 220/230/240V : 7.5A
Protection Against Electric Shock Class I
(except protruding portion)
462W x 542D x 884H mm, (table height; 776mm)
Net Weight 124kg (220/230/240V)
Environmental Requirements Ambient temperature range:10 to 35℃, Relative humidity:30 to 85%,
Atmospheric pressure:700 to 1,060hPa
Intended exclusively for use indoors, Overvoltage category: II, Pollution degree: 2
Accessories Included • Operator's manual 1, • Warranty Card 1, • BART Cord table 1,
• Clear storage case for operator's manual 1,
• Attaching screw for clear storage case 1, • Spanner 1, • Leveler gauge 1,
• Rotor locking knob 1, • Drain plug 1, • Power cord 1

* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

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