Biohazardous Waste Autoclave SX-700BH / 500BH

Biohazardous Waste Autoclave SX-700BH / 500BH

Biohazardous Waste Autoclave

SX-700BH / 500BH

Biohazardous Waste Autoclave SX-700BH / 500BH

Numerous biosafety guidelines endorse the use of autoclaves to inactivate potentially infectious laboratory waste prior to disposal, as part of creating secondary barriers that prevent infectious disease from spreading to laboratory workers, waste management personnel and the general public.
The TOMY SX-700BH / 500BH are designed to exhaust air and steam coming from the chamber through HEPA filter.

Biohazardous Waste Autoclave SX-700BH / 500BH

User Friendly and Safety Features

Air and steam exhaust through HEPA Filter (DOP 99.97%)*

Air and steam inside the chamber go to the coolingwater tank.
After cooling down, they are exhausted to the laboratory work area through HEPA filter unit that is equipped with a HEPA filter (DOP 99.97%).

  • * 
    It does not guarantee to remove contaminants completely.
    Follow the biosafety guideline in your laboratory.
Air and steam exhaust through HEPA Filter

OptionBiowaste Sterilization Container ST-ZERO

How do you handle disposables generating from the bench work of the biosafety cabinet including PCR test kits, gloves, pipette tips and petri dishes containing specimens?
Biowaste Sterilization Container ST-ZERO can sit on the workbench of the biosafety cabinet without disturbing air-flow and accommodate disposables inside the work area of the biosafety cabinet.
ST-ZERO can be vertically loaded to the Autoclave without a liquid drop falling. A several ST-ZERO can be accommodated in the chamber of Autoclave SX-700BH.

How to use the Biowaste Sterilization Container ST-ZERO

Secure Sterilization

StandardFine Pressure Adjustment

Secure Sterilization condition is created by saturated steam that temperature and pressure keep the balance for a certain time.
The SX-700BH / 500BH heats water in the chamber and create steam. The generated steam is discharged with air from the chamber to approach the saturated steam condition.
When air remains in the chamber, the balance of temperature and pressure breaks and it makes pressure rise.
Fine Pressure Adjustment monitors temperature and pressure,works automatically to remove residual air from the chamber, and adjusts pressure to approach ideal condition for more effective sterilization.

Fine Pressure Adjustment

More Secure Sterilization considering Heat Transfer Time Lag

Sterilization setting time = Sterilization time + Heat transfer time lag

There is Heat Transfer Time Lag when using the steam autoclave. The display shows the ambient temperature inside the chamber, but the temperature of articles to be sterilized arrives later than the display temperature. This is called “Heat Transfer Time Lag“.
For more secure sterilization, it is recommended to add the Heat Transfer Time Lag to the sterilization time.

OptionAutomatically timer countdown by sample temperature w / External Temperature Sensor

The TOMY Autoclave SX-700BH / 500BH can check the temperature of articles to be sterilized with an optional External Temperature Sensor. The detected temperature by the External Temperature Sensor can be used to count down the sterilization time (e.g. 20 min.) . That means sterilization will be done with the temperature of articles inside the chamber automatically without calculating Heat Transfer Time Lag manually by yourself.
The detected temperature also works to open the lid safely after sterilization. The lid can be opened after the temperature of articles drops down* and it prevents the sudden boiling of liquid sample.
These features help you to save your time to decide the sterilization time and to reduce troubles of spillage for media or solvent.

  • * 
    The temperature to release the lid interlock can be changed.
w / External Temperature Sensor


Cooling Fan System

StandardCooling Fan System

The SX-700BH / 500BH is standard-equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, shortening overall operation time. The Cooling Fan System reduces cooling time compared to non-fan operation. It will save your time and give you more to focus on other things.

Cooling Fan Display

User-friendly Basket, Bucket and Long Basket

  • Stainless Basket
    Standard OptionStainless Basket
  • Stainless Bucket
    OptionStainless Bucket
  • Long Basket
    OptionLong Basket

Full Package for Biohazardous Waste Autoclave SX-700BH

  • Autoclave SX-700BH

    (including Bio Box)

    Autoclave SX-700BH (including Bio Box)
  • Option


    Biowaste Sterilization Container

    Biowaste Sterilization Container ST-ZERO

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