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[Centrifuges] KITMAN-T24

0Equipped with a newly developed "W-Memory Program" , the KITMAN is a highly reliable workhorse in biological research laboratories.
TOMY’s newest high speed refrigerated micro centrifuge, the "KITMAN" is equipped with a unique program operation function for a continuous run of any two memories coupled in series.This function meets the requirements of various sample protocols, including DNA/RNA extraction and purification, and offers increased efficiency and validity in complicated centrifuge operation. This centrifuge also features a long established easy-to-use design with versatile, advanced functions, plus energy-saving mode, all in a compact body.Designed with the needs of biotechnology researchers in mind, the "KITMAN" is a new reliable laboratory workhorse.

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Product features

Various program operations & multi-memory function

  • In addition to a multi-memory function that allows recall of up to 6 sets of operating conditions at one touch of a button, the "KITMAN" also provides a newly developed program operation function, with which two memories are coupled in series to achieve a continuous run operation. This function enables any combinations of three program patterns to be operated in a single protocol, and supports a wide variety of kits and protocols for DNA/RNA extraction and purification that require 2ml micro tubes.
  • The reaction time of reagents can also be programmed, which allows the operator to make good use of the time for the reaction to be completed, as well as eliminates the operator's failure to remember the timing. This will enhance the efficiency and validity of the laboratory work.

Protocol Run Examples   RNA Extraction and Purification from Animal Cells   DNA Extraction and Purification from Cut Gel Slices   6 MEMORIES & 3 PROGRAMS
*Indication displays on the control panel in the photo is different from displays of actual operation.

Sample Movie

Easy-To-See LED Display

The control panel features easy-to-see LED display that allows the operator to easily confirm a set temperature, speed and time at a glance.

LED Display1Program indicator lamp flashes during program operation.

LED Display2The display indicates "Pr." by a green light while the PRE-TEMP function is in operation.

Speed is indicated by a red light while the rotor is spinning, and by a green light while stopped.
LED Display3

*Indication displays on the control panel in the photo is different from displays of actual operation.

Convenient Function Keys

Function keys allow settings to be changed or modified to suit specific requirements.

  • Acceleration/deceleration characteristics preset speed setting
  • "FLASH" (momentary spin) function setting (mode and speed)
  • Buzzer setting (type and time)
  • Lid-up monitoring time setting
  • Power saving mode setting

Two-Mode "FLASH" Function

"FLASH" or a quick run function for momentary spin provides the following two modes:

  1. Short-term operation of the centrifuge will continue at set speed as long as the "FLASH" key remains pressed.
  2. With one push of the key the rotor begins to accelerate and will start deceleration when it reaches set speed.

Power Saving Mode

ecoWhen operation standby status continues for a long time, the power saving mode becomes active and stops the fan and refrigerator. During the power saving mode, the panel display indicates "oFF". The idle time before the power saving mode is entered can be set between 1 and 12 hours. (The default time is 4 hours.)

PRE-TEMP Function

With the PRE-TEMP function air inside the chamber is stirred by spinning the rotor, which allows the rotor to reach set temperature quickly. It takes approximately 5 minutes to reach the set temperature of 4°C from the ambient temperature of 25°C. The result is an optimal function that supports temperature-sensitive samples. When the temperature inside the chamber increases in the power saving mode, the function can also cool the chamber effectively, saving time and energy.

Easy-To-Install Compact Design

29cmIts compact body with a width of 29cm takes up very little lab space.

High Grade, Affordable Centrifuge

Equipped with upgraded functions, the TOMY "KITMAN" delivers higher performance at an affordable price.


RotorSold with KITMAN-T24 / TMP-2 (24 x 2ml).


Model KITMAN-T24
Compatible Rotor TMP-2
Maximum Speed 13,500rpm
Maximum RCF 17,730G
Maximum Capacity
2ml x 24
Drive Motor
Induction motor
Temperature Setting Range
- 9 to 35℃ (1°C increments)
Speed Setting Range 0rpm or 300 to 13,500rpm (in 100rpm increments)
Time Setting 10 to 50 seconds (in 10 second increments), 1 to 99 minutes (in 1 minute increments), <F−> free
Safety Devices • Lid interlock, • Abnormal speed detector, • Lid open/close detector, • Imbalance detector, • Motor over-current detector, • Over-current circuit breaker (also used as power switch), • Abnormally high or low chamber temperature detector
Refrigerant HFC-134a (135g)
Rated Voltage External transformer used
AC120V, 60Hz AC220V, 50Hz AC220V, 60Hz AC230V, 50Hz AC240V, 50Hz
Power Input 5A 3A
Power Consumption
(Calorific Value)
400W (344kcal/h)
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
(except for the protruding portion)
290 x 515 x 295 (table height ; 260mm, height with open lid ; 565mm)
Net Weight 37kg (except transformer)

* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

See Catalog PDF for details.

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