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Holds up to 1.5 ml x 40 microtubes, or is capable of stirring 5 ml x 12 tubes.
Provides effective and efficient hands-free mixing.

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Strong Power for Mixing
Fragments are dancing in the 5ml tube by vortex power.
(For 5ml tube mixing, need 5ml tube Rack<TR4005> : optional)


Easy, yet powerful mixing with a vortex action

Variable speed settings

Mixing speed can be variable from gentle shaking to powerful mixing with visually checking the sample in the tube.

Eccentric oscillation method

Unique mixing method provides consistent uniform mixing action and ensures highly efficient mixing performance.

Compact body

Compact and slim body design with its dimensions of 300W × 135D × 150H mm allows MT-400 to be placed even inside the incubator.

Detachable tube rack

The detachable tube rack is easily dismounted for carrying test tubes and can also serve as a tube stand.

Main applications

  • ・Mixing of cell suspensions
  • ・Mixing of the reagents of an assay
  • ・Uniform triturating of samples
  • ・Other general mixing works

Optional accessories

5ml Tube Rack(TR4005)

5ml Tube Rack(TR4005)

Optional TR4005 rack allows up to 5 ml x 12 tubes to be stirred.

Tube Rack Cover(TC4000)

Tube Rack Cover(TC4000)

Keeps the tube in the rack without jumping out even powerful mixing.


Model MT-400
Mixing method Eccentric oscillation method
Mixing capacity 1.5 ml × 40 tubes (with supplied rack: TR4002)
5 ml × 12 tubes (with optional rack: TR4005)
Tube rack Detachable
Power requiremen 100 - 240V AC (50 / 60Hz) 0.3A
Dimensions 300W×135D×150Hmm (excluding protruding portions)
Net weight 3.2kg

※5mℓ conical tubes (PT0050-11, 250 pieces per bag) are also available.

See Catalog PDF for details.

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