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Full Lineup of the TOMY MX-Series Centrifuge that combines high performance for research applications and simplicity of use!

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MX-307 MX-207 MX-107

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The MX-Series centrifuge comes with an ECO mode to realize an up to approximately 43% (※) reduction in electric power consumption during the waiting time.

※ The figure mentioned above is calculated by comparing MX-305 and MX-307. The reduction rates of power consumption vary from model to model and may vary from one product to another.

Basic power saving

TOMY's MX-Series centrifuge has achieved an up to approximately 15%(※) reduction in electric power consumption compared to the former model (MX-**5 Series) by controlling the motor fan drive during the waiting time (standby cooling).

※ The figure mentioned above is calculated by comparing MX-105 and MX-107. The reduction rates of power consumption vary from model to model and may vary from one product to another.

Switch-on ECO mode to save the power consumption [Patent pending]

Activating the power-saving [ECO] mode can also help reduce the power consumption during the waiting time (standby cooling) by allowing the temperature fluctuation bands to be changed. The chamber can cool down to the set temperature(※) within approximately three minutes after release from ECO mode.

※ Under the conditions: set temperature of 4℃ at an ambient temperature of

Comparison of power consumption between MX-**5 Series and MX-**7 Series in the ECO mode

■Measurement conditions:Set to 4℃ at an ambient temperature of 25℃ while centrifugation is stopped.(Rotors in use: MX-30*:TMA-300+AR015-24×3  MX-20*:TMA-200+AR015-24×2 MX-10*:TMA-100+AR015-24)
■The values shown above average values obtained by measuring the units.

Product features


Flagship of the MX-Series, capable of accepting 50ml conical tubes



  • Accommodates all TOMY Rack-in-Rotors ; TMA-100/200/300
  • Stack up to three racks high, total 2ml x 72 can be processed.
  • Accommodates a high g-force centrifugation rack ; AR510-04
  • Accommodates a rack for up to 96-well PCR plate X 2 ; PCR96-02
  • Provides large capacity performance in the same compact design applied to other models of the MX-Series


From 2ml micro tubes to 30ml tubes, the MX-207 supports a wide range of applications.


5ml Conical tube<br />(Right; 1.5ml microtu)be5ml Conical tube
(Right; 1.5ml microtu)be

  • Accommodates two models of TOMY Rack-in-Rotors ; TMA-100/200
  • Stack up to two racks high, total 2ml x 48 can be processed.
  • A well balanced unit combining high speed centrifugation and large sample capacity
  • Accommodates a rotor rack for up to 5ml x 12 ; AR050-12

※ Recommend Tube : TOMY 5ml tube, PT0050-11. Please contact us for Eppendorf 5ml tube loading.


Advanced centrifuge model with simple operation designed to spin micro tubes

  • Accommodates a TOMY Rack-in-Rotor TMA-100 compatible with four types of racks
  • Supports from 8-Strip PCR tubes to 2ml x 24 micro tubes
  • Provides up to 15,000rpm high speed centrifugation
  • All MX-107 compatible rotors can reach their maximum speed within 10 seconds.

Sample animated images

Sample animated images of the "3D High Speed Oscillating movement" can be viewed by pressing the "STOP" button/"STERT" button.

Rack in Rotor

Rack in Rotor

TOMY "Rack-in-Rotor "
-The Future of Centrifuge Rotor System

One of the most innovative features of the TOMY MX-Series High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge is its unique "Rack-in- Rotor" system using a combination of carbon fiber rotors and a variety of drop-in racks made of resin for greater convenience, higher performance and lower cost, including:

1. Stackable, drop-in/lift-out rotor racks for easy placement and removal
Lightweight resin racks have a drop-in/lift-out design which allows for easy placement and replacement of tubes. These rotor racks are available in a wide variety of types, and can be stacked in layers to suit your application.

2. Lightweight, yet stable rotation, and excellent acceleration/deceleration performance
Each rack has four slits so that the adhesion of the rack to the inner wall of the rotor is facilitated by centrifugal force, providing stable operation of the rotor. Lightweight rotors and racks can also increase acceleration and deceleration performance.

3. A wide variety of racks available at affordable prices
A large selection of resin racks is provided at affordable prices to accommodate tubes and plates of different volumes and numbers, which supports a diverse array of sample processing applications.

4. A portable rack for sample tubes
A resin rack can be used for a wide range of purposes, including storage and transportation. It can be used as a tube stand or carrier to hold or transport sample tubes.

MX - Series

TOMY "MX-Series "
-Toward High Performance and Simplicity!

The MX-Series is a high speed refrigerated micro centrifuge that is designed for high performance and simplicity of operation.

1. Powerful motor and inverter realize fast acceleration and deceleration.

2. All models are equipped with an imbalance detection system as a standard safety function.

3. User friendly, beautiful and functional design with human factors engineering in mind

4. Compact body with wheel design for easy installation and transportation

Easy-to-see, easy-to-use control panel

  • User friendly center Jog Dial operation
  • Highly visible dual color LED display for operating status indication
  • Memory function storing up to two sets of operating parameters for more efficient centrifugation
  • One touch key operation permits easy acceleration of the rotor to a maximum speed for the centrifugation protocol selected.
  • 1 - 99 minutes timer with 1 minute increment

Control Panel


Models MX-307 MX-207 MX-107
Maximum Speed
16,000rpm 15,000rpm
Maximum RCF
21,130G 21,130G 20,380G
Maximum Capacity
50ml x 4 30ml x 6 2ml x 24
Control System
Microprocessor control (feedback system)
Drive Motor
Induction motor
Drive System
Direct drive with an automatic alignment function
Data Entry Device
Jog Dial
Temperature Setting Range
- 9 to 35°C (1°C increment)
Speed Setting Range
300rpm to Maximum speed (100rpm increments)
RCF Setting Range
100G to Maximum RCF (100G increments)
Time Setting Range
0 to 99 minutes (1minute increment) or <F--> for free
Additional Functions
• FLASH (momentary spin) function, • Memory function(two sets), • Previous setting memory, • Soft Brake function
Safety Devices
• Lid interlock, • Lid open/close detector, • Over-speed detector, • Over-current circuit breaker, • Motor over-current detector, • Abnormally high or low chamber temperature detector, • Rotor identification system, • Imbalance detector
HFC134a(240g) HFC134a(210g) HFC134a(200g)
Power Requirements
Single phase AC110/120V 50/60Hz, 15A
Single phase AC220/230/240V 50/60Hz, 8A
Power Consumption
(calorific value)
860 W(740kcal/h) 790 W(680kcal/h) 650 W(560kcal/h)
Dimensions (except protrusion)
345W x 465D x 860H mm(table height:755Hmm, lid in open position:1125Hmm )
Net Weight
66kg(110/120V), 71kg(220/230/240V)
Cord Length
Ambient temperature range:10 to 35°C, Relative humidity:30 to 85%,
Atmospheric pressure:700 to 1060hPa
Accessories Included • Operator's manual 1, • Warranty card 1, • Customer card 1, • Inspection sheet 1, • Hexagon wrench 1, • Clear storage case 1, • Attaching screw 1, • Caster holder 2, • Drain plug 1

* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

See Catalog PDF for details.

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